Herbata czarna (fermentowana)

Black Tea

  • Assam Brahmaputra


    High-quality black tea made from Thea Assamica wild tea shrub, growing in a jungle swamp, in the river-basin of Brahmaputra. Leaves with numerous bright tips give off an intensive reddish-brown infusion with a delicate touch of honey.

  • Assam Keyhung TGFOP-1


    Tea from the Keyhung province located at the source of Brahmaputra river in upper Assam, near the Burmese border. Small, evenly sized leaves with golden tips give a strong, dignified infusion with a deep color and exceptionally gentle bitterness so typical for for Assams.

  • Ceylon OP Dimbula Udewela


    A tea with large, long and supple leaves. Comes from a plantation located 1400m above sea level. Gives off a bright and delicate red infusion with a classic taste. Goes well with milk.

  • East Frisian Tea


    A blend of black teas from Assam and Java, composed by the inhabitants of East Frisia, a region famous for their love of strong black tea. The dark amber-colored infusion has an intense flavor with a slight bitterness.

    The traditional way of preparing tea by the inhabitants of Friesland is "tea latte" sweetened with sugar crystals thrown to the bottom and a layer of fatty milk on top. Note: do not mix, gently sip layer by layer and at the end a unique culmination of sweetness awaits you.

    3g / 150 ml

    95 degrees C.

    3-5 min

  • English Breakfast


    A mix of teas from Assam and Sri Lanka. This tea gives off an infusion with an expressive taste. Recommended especially as a breakfast tea, has a great invigorating effect.

  • Golden Monkey


    A black tea from the Yunnan province of China. The dark-amber infusion has a deep, sweet taste with a very subtle smoky aftertaste.

  • Golden Yunnan FOP


    A black tea from the south-western Yunnan province of China. Gives off a light, refreshing and aromatic infusion. Goes well alongside breakfast or with the addition of milk.

    FOP (Flowery Orange Pekoe) is a tea made from the first leaf of the plant stem and the final bud. It contains young, soft and delicate leaves and tips.

  • Keemun Mao Feng 2021


    Keemun Mao Feng is one of the best Keemun tea sorts on the market. It is harvested in early spring and consists of a bud and two or three upper leaves sorted by hand.

    This tea is named after the area of Qimen in Anhui Province, a highly respected tea producing region in China. "Keemun" is the translation of Chinese Qimen into English invented during the colonial era. At that time Keemun also became the base ingredient of the English Breakfast blend.

    A properly brewed tea infusion has a clear, bright red color and has a unique slightly floral and slightly smoky, but very mild and smooth flavor with subtle fruity notes. Keemun tea can be brewed several times to bring out the full flavor of the leaves.

    5g / 150ml
    96 degrees C.
    2-3 minutes

  • Lapsang Souchong


    A Chinese smoked black tea is a specialty of Fujian Province. This tea undergoes the withering and drying processes in the smoke of pine tree bonfires. Gives off a red infusion of a distinct smoky taste and aroma. Drink it as it is or with a small amount of milk. This tea is also known as Zengshan Xiaozhong.

  • Nepal Jun Chiyabari...

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    A black tea from the leading Nepalese Jun Chiyabari garden, located 1650-2200 meters above sea level. Characterized by numerous golden tips. The dark-amber infusion possesses a deep taste, appreciated by local black tea enthusiasts, with a distinct sweetness and a muscatel touch, making it an ideal accompaniment for desserts.

  • New Georgia

    Georgian black tea harvested from ecologically clean plantations in the mountains of western Georgia. Day and night temperature changes and the combination of mountain and sea climate give the tea leaves a special aroma and taste. The resulting medium-strength infusion is slightly malty with fruity notes.

    Tea was smuggled from China for the first time and was grown in Georgia since 1830s. Black Georgian tea produced on a massive scale was well known in the Soviet Union, but since its collapse, tea cultivation has fallen sharply. Recently, however, tea production is experiencing a renaissance also thanks to government and EU subsidies. Hand-picked tea from Georgia is gaining global recognition again.

    3g / 150ml
    95 degrees C.
    3-5 min
  • Nipon Black


    Black organic wakocha tea produced by the remarkable Japanese producer of kamairicha tea - Mr. Toshifumi Shibamoto, hand-picked at the foot of Makinohara in Shizuaoka.

    The leaves of this tea are exceptionally large, with stalks, strongly oxidized. The color of the infusion is amber - it is quite light for black tea (or rather red according to Chinese nomenclature). The taste includes nuts, dried fruit and notes of baked bread. Poetry of taste and classic of highly oxidized tea.

    3g / 150ml
    96 degrees C

    1-2 min

    1-2 brews

  • Russian Samovar


    An original Russian mix of Indian black teas and Chinese teas.

  • Yunnan Golden Dynasty


    A black tea of high quality from Yunnan Province, China. Large fleshy tips take on gigantic sizes after brewing. An infusion of strong and deep color, full of intense smoky aroma.

  • Yunnan Golden Tips


    Golden tea buds from Yunnan Province, China, give off a dark-amber infusion with a rich, sweet aftertaste and a mild note of hot spices.