Pu Erh

Pu Erh

  • Pu Erh


    A tea of Chinese Emperors, from Yunnan Province. Famous for its medicinal attributes.

    Lowers the fat levels within the organism, regulates cholesterol levels and improves digestive processes, therefore it is known as a slimming tea. Gives off a "dense", dark-brown infusion with an earthy taste.

  • Pu Erh Dragon Pearls


    Pu Erh from the Chinese Yunnan province, with the leaves pressed into little balls. The slighlty earthy taste is very delicate, enriched with a significant taste of walnut and sweetness. the colour of the infusion, depending on the steeping parametres, may be from brown to dark-brown. One serving of the leaves (one ball) may be steeped multiple times. Our suggestion is one ball per teacup.

  • Sheng Pu Erh Tuo Cha


    Dark Pu Erh tea in its most traditional form - Sheng, which means naturally maturing tea, with leaves compresed into a shape of a nest. Its taste changes with time, such teas are meant to be stored for years to enjoy the changing qualities - from the freshness similar to green tea, until a deep, sweet taste after years of storing. Due to natural fermentation of the leaves this tea is believed to have a benefitial effect on the body.

    Weight: 100g