Pu Erh

Pu Erh

  • Black Pu Erh Mini Beengcha


    Dark fermented tea from the Chinese province of Yunnan with leaves pressed into a disk in the form of a miniature of the so-called Wedding Cake - a Chinese symbol of family and longevity. The taste is deep, earthy, but mild at the same time, the color of the infusion is very dark, almost black. Supports metabolism, cleanses the liver, recommended for drinking after heavy or fatty meals.

    Weight of 1 item approx. 7 g

    A method of preparing:
    1 pcs / 250 ml,

    95 C, 2-3 min.
    2-3 brews

  • Bulang Sheng Pu Erh


    It is the raw (sheng) Pu Erh from the Bulang Mountains of Yunnan Province. Tea leaves are harvested from wild 300-year-old trees, then roasted in a traditional way in a wok, and dried in the sun the next day. The loose leaves of "maocha" tea mature for about half a year and then they are pressed into cakes.

    The infusion has a floral aroma and flavor, slightly mineral with a bitterness and sweetish aftertaste. It is a type of tea that will wake you up effectively in the morning. It works best when brewed a few times (3-5) shortly (about 1 minute).

    Weight 100g, Harvest 2017

  • Lao Wu Shan Sheng Pu-erh


    Raw fermented tea (sheng pu erh) made from large leaves of ancient tea trees growing near Lao Wu Mountain in Yunnan at an altitude of 2000m above sea level, pressed in a traditional way with a stone.

    The infusion features delicate notes of green fruit, citrus, flowers and sweetness perfectly combined with pleasant bitterness.

    Weight 200g, Harvesting 2020

  • Pu Erh


    A tea of Chinese Emperors, from Yunnan Province. Famous for its medicinal attributes.

    Lowers the fat levels within the organism, regulates cholesterol levels and improves digestive processes, therefore it is known as a slimming tea. Gives off a "dense", dark-brown infusion with an earthy taste.

  • Pu Erh Mini Tuo Cha


    Also known as Xiao Toucha. Carefully selected Pu Erh leaves are pressed into a nest form, reminiscent of a hornet nest. Gives off an intensive, sweet infusion and a well-balanced, delicate taste. Each one is packaged into white tissue-paper.

  • Pu Erh Superior


    Ten-year high-class Pu Erh from the Chinese province of Yunnan. This delicate Shu Pu Erh will not disappoint lovers of this type of tea with its classic and mature taste, in which you can feel a slight suggestion of sweet and spicy notes. Perfect for brewing several times.

  • Shu Pu Erh 2010 Brick


    Shu Pu Ehr brick, aged 6 years (mao cha) before pressing in 2016. The tea leafs come from the garden on Ai Lao Shan mountain (Nature Reserve) altitude about 1300 m n.p.m. in Yunnan province. Full taste with hints of nuts and chinese date.

    Weight: 100 grams. Harvest 2010, Pressed in 2016

  • Shu Pu Erh Pelets


    Fully fermented dark tea (Shu Pu Erh) with an unusual form of lumps, fragments from the underside of the dried layers of pressed tea, as if a secondary product from the production of Pu Erh teas. As a result of maturing "at the bottom of the bag" for a long time, the infusion of pellets is strong and aromatic, characteristically earthy. Most pellets are not pressed too much, which makes them easy to infuse and is extremely efficient.

    2-3g / 150ml,

    96 ° C,

    2-3 minutes

    2-4 brews