Herbata biała

White Tea

  • China Jasmine Dragon...


    Highest quality leaves and tips are manually curled into little pearls and aromatised with freshly collected jasmine flowers. After aromatization, the flowers are picked from the mix, leaving only the wonderful aroma of jasmine.

  • Rainy Fragrance


    A blend of white tea with algae (spirulina) rich in Vitamin B, and herbs such as: mayweed, mullein. Its unique sweet taste is intertwined with a touch of fresh orange. Breathtaking and relaxing with its delicacy.

  • Vietnam Pai Mu Tan


    A White tea harvested and manufactured in a natural environment in south-western Vietnam. The leaves are cultivated at the foot of Fansipan, the highest peak of Indochina. Gives off an infusion with a fresh aroma and a dominant touch of mango.

  • Ya Bao Yunnan


    A unique tea from the Yunnan Province, China. Buds of wild tea bushes are harvested right after appearing on the branches of old tea trees. Thick leaves and buds mixed with each other create a unique composition. The infusion of this tea blends a mild spiciness of Springtime pine needles and the sweetness of a mature watermelon with a touch of vanilla.

  • Yin Zhen "Silver Needle"


    One of the most highly appreciated white teas. It consists exclusively of undeveloped buds, covered in fluffy hairs. Harvested manually, and highly appreciated for its marvelous and excellent sweet taste.

    3g / 150ml
    90st C

    2-3 min

    1-2 brews