Ceramika Andrzej Bero

Andrzej Bero

  • Brick-colored pitcher


    CLAY PITCHER (a dish for cooling the water and gathering a prepared infusion)

    Unglazed on the outside, brightly glazed on the inside, base material of terracotta color.

    Author: Andrzej Bero, signed.

    Volume: 250 ml.

    Raw and simple design. Upper edges folded outwards, which eases handling. Its volume allows using it together with most of yixing-type kettles (or others taking inspiration from the Chinese Tea Culture)

  • Terracotta-colored Hohin


    CLAY HOHIN (tea brewing dish)

    Unglazed, brick-colored.

    Author: Andrzej Bero, signed.

    Volume: 170 ml.

    Raw and simple design, with a distinct texture. Wide lid eases the usage, upper edges are folded outwards, which eases handling of the dish.

  • White teacup



    Both inner and outer layers glazed in white.

    Author: Andrzej Bero, signed

    Volume: 25ml

    Tall and elongated design eases the maintenance of the infusion's temperature during colder days. The glaze's white color allows us to appreciate the color of the tea.