Herbaty Autorskie - Toshifumi Shibamoto

Toshifumi Shibamoto

  • Kotteri Shibamoto '18


    Made with a traditional method: Taking strong leaves which grew while fully exposed to the sunlight, then roasting them in a Kama cauldron. The infusion has a fresh taste, intertwined with sweet tones reminiscent of mint. Makes a great aftermeal drink. Can be prepared with either hot or cold water, as well as with ice.

  • Oolong Kaoribi Shibamoto '18


    Especially appreciated by Chinese tea connoisseurs. The leaves of this fragrant oolong are harvested during Summer. Due to its invigorating character it is best suited for a morning drink. In order to fully appreciate the beauty of delicate leaves, which begin to open during brewing, it is recommended to serve it in glass dishes.