Herbaty Autorskie - Toshifumi Shibamoto

Toshifumi Shibamoto

  • Kotteri Shibamoto '18


    Made with a traditional method: Taking strong leaves which grew while fully exposed to the sunlight, then roasting them in a Kama cauldron. The infusion has a fresh taste, intertwined with sweet tones reminiscent of mint. Makes a great aftermeal drink. Can be prepared with either hot or cold water, as well as with ice.

  • Oolong Kaoribi Shibamoto '18


    Especially appreciated by Chinese tea connoisseurs. The leaves of this fragrant oolong are harvested during Summer. Due to its invigorating character it is best suited for a morning drink. In order to fully appreciate the beauty of delicate leaves, which begin to open during brewing, it is recommended to serve it in glass dishes.

  • Sakura Shibamoto '18


    An exceptional green tea of Mr. Shibamoto, another unique piece of our Japanese master, with a delicate fragrance reminiscent of cherry blossom, its refreshing and sweet aftertaste makes the most beautiful of Spring aromas come to mind.

  • Tasting set - Toshifumi...


    An exceptional tasting set consisting of small portions of all the available teas by Mr. Toshifumi Shibamoto. It includes Kotteri green tea and Sakura green tea, as well as the stronger oxidized Kaoribi oolong tea leaves, allowing us to not only to discover the exceptional taste of Mr. Shibamoto's teas, but to experience the richness of its different varieties, too. Each portion contains 10g of tea, easily enough for several brewings.