Herbaty Autorskie - Państwo Sugimoto

Sugimoto Family

  • BIO Japan Sencha Makinohara

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    Highest quality Japanese sencha from a limited 2018 Spring harvest, with an expressive taste and a sweet touch of umami. Prepared in a tiny garden in Makinohara by the Sugimoto family. Steamed in Tokyo way. Original packaging contains 100g of tea.

    5g / 150ml

    70 C

    1-2 min

    2-3 brews

  • Shincha Sugimoto


    The youngest emerald leaves of highest quality and first harvest, in the shape of tiny needles, harvested in the family tea garden of the Sugimoto Family. After brewing they give off an infusion of a charming Spring-green color, an intensive fragrance and and a bewitching taste of umami.

    1 teaspoon / 150ml
    70st C

    .5-1 min
    3 brews