For matcha

  • Bamboo chasen


    Traditional japanese chasen bamboo whisk used in the preparation of powdered matcha green tea. Thanks to its numerous and flexible prongs cut from a single piece of bamboo, it allows quick and effective mixing of tea and water, resulting in a homogeneous "jaspis mousse".

  • Chashaku


    A small bamboo spoon used to measure matcha tea. Used, among others, during the Chanoyu tea ceremony.

  • Winter chawan


    CERAMIC CHAWAN (matcha tea dish)

    Covered with a glittering glaze of turquoise-green color, applied non-uniformly, making its clay body of warm ochre color shine through the glaze around the edges. Additionally, the glaze's shades change depending on location, enriching the dish with a whole variety of colors. Its shape is slightly irregular, allowing us to trace the movements of the sculptor's hands.

    Volume: 400 ml

    Winter chawan, Tsutsu chawan (筒茶碗) in Japanese, is characterized by a tall, cylindrical shape. It contains the warmth of tea during cold days for longer, as well as allowing us to warm our hands. Handmade, therefore unique, it is not only pleasing to the eye, but also capable to grant an exceptional arrangement to any tea meeting.