• Ceramic Mortar and pestle


    White ceramic mortar with specially shaped spout to ease pouring of powdered spices. Complete with an ergonomic pestle. Guaranteed to find an use in every kitchen.

  • Korean bamboo strainer


    Korean strainer made of bamboo, intended for pouring ready-made tea. A specially made incision in the underside allows the strainer to be firmly attached onto the dish into which the brew will be poured. Available in three lengths.

  • Korean wooden strainer


    Wooden strainer from Korea, used to filter the finished infusion when pouring. It has been specially shaped in such a way that it can be placed on the edge of the sugu bowl (used to collect the finished infusion and then pour it into cups). Made of natural materials, it will perfectly complement the tea set.

  • Pu Erh storage box



    Natural, light, made from unpainted and unlaquered wood.

    Dimensions: approx. 21x8x7cm

    A wooden box for storing your Pu Erh tea and other teas or items. The compartments allow the storage of even three different kinds of tea. Natural material creates suitable environmnt for storing tea.

    Storing Pu Erh tea for longer time in appropriate counditions results in its taste maturing with every single year. Our box is also a good option for all those who seek a way to store other kinds of tea as well as small accessories.

  • Rymowane historie...


    "Rhyming tea stories and miniatures" is the first volume of poetry in Poland about tea by Ivan Sitsko - a debuting poet, tea lover, traveler, idealist, good friend, man of many professions.

  • Stickers - teapots


    Teapot stickers are the perfect addition to your calendar or planner. You can use a decorative teapot to mark the next family "tea party" or a successful visit to Herbaty Czas. The tea stickers are additionally a coloring page - you can use them in black and white or fill them with your favorite colors. We especially recommend coloring at a cup of warm tea.

    Stickers dimensions: 8 x 12.5 cm
    Packaging: Foil
    Number of sheets in the set: 2

  • Teapot Warming Hood


    A hood for warming a teapot in three motifs of choice. Improves brewing effectiveness and maintains infusion temperature after the brewing.