Asian ceramics

  • Big porcelain gaiwan



    Glazed entirely, white colour.

    Volume: ca. 200ml

    Gaiwan is one of the most convenient tea brewing vessels. His name is literally a "bowl with a lid", usually complete with a saucer. Its structure makes virtually every stage of making tea extremely simple: sprinkling leaves, pouring water on them, pouring the infusion into cups. For brewing teas that we do not know, just open the lid to control the degree of brewing the leaves. Porcelain glazed gaiwan is a universal dish, it does not absorb odors, you can use it for various types of teas, and use detergents to clean it.

    • New

    Gongfu Cha Tea Set 150ml


    The set includes:

    - unglazed clay kettle, yixing type, capacity 150 ml

    - 4 glazed cups, 30 ml each

    Yixing kettles have been used in Chinese tea art for years. The clay walls maintain the temperature for a long time, which is important when brewing highly oxidized teas. A carefully made spout allows you to easily pour the infusion into cups or "a cup of justice".

  • Korean Sandy Cups



    Hand made, in sand color, completely glazed with transparent glaze. Uneven texture, uneven rim, enamel in the form of drips. Black particles clearly visible in the basic material.

    Volume: ca.70ml

    Author: Gil Sung, signed

    A bowl made by hand by one of the finest Korean ceramists, bearing the title of a living treasure of national culture. Irregular form, uneven texture, enamel taking the form of drips in places, are the features of the Ido style, called "Jeong-ho" in Korea. The uneven, almost rough and careless form of the cup, however, surprises with its lightness and refinement behind the apparent imperfection. A bowl burnt in a traditional wood-burning kiln.

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