Napary ziołowe


  • Chamomile


    Possesses antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, relaxant, anti-allergic and tranquilizing effects. Used in the alleviation of menstrual pains and digestive problems. Contains minerals such as Potassium, Manganese and Vitamin C. Its taste is not bitter, making it recommended for children.

  • Clitoria Ternatea


    Have you ever seen or tried blue desserts in Asian cuisine?

    Clitoria Ternatea has been used for centuries in Asia as a coloring agent for food and cosmetics. It is also a medicine of Ayurvedic medicine. The infusion of Clitoria supports the nervous system, improves mood, fights against depression, improves memory and improves brain functions. The antibacterial, antipyretic, and analgesic effect of the Clitoria are also scientifically proven. It even inhibits hair graying and improves the functioning of the eyes.

    The infusion of Clitoria flowers has a blue tint, alkaline and herbal-sweet taste. After adding lemon juice, the infusion changes the taste and color to purple or even pink.

    5 flowers / 250ml
    96 degrees C.
    5-10 minutes

  • Dog Rose


    Roses are rich in Vitamin C, containing a dozen or so times more of it than blackcurrant. They also possess Provitamin A, Vitamins B1, B2, E and K, flavonoids, tannin and organic acids, essential oil and minerals salts, mostly Iron.

  • Herbal bucket for good...


    Ingredients: anise, fennel, caraway, camomile, peppermint, valerian, marsh-mallow flowers, marigold.

  • Hibiscus


    Hibiscus, or Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) of India is sometimes used in the production of bast fiber, but it is also a component of many herbal tea mixes (red, fleshy calyces) Also known as carcade.

  • Lavender


    Lavender is not only appreciated in the cosmetic industry, but in herbalism as well. Lavender infusion improves digestion and whets appetite. Lavender aroma soothes the nervous system, has a tranquilizing effect and stimulates mental activity.


  • Lemon balm


    A lemon balm infusion alleviates bronchitis, fever, headache and depression. Has tranquilizing, calming and relaxing effects.

  • Lemon Verbena


    Verbena infusion has soothing and calming effects. Ideal for evenings, also after supper.

    • New

    Lemongrass -Egipt


    Lemongrass from Egypt.

    Grass infusion has antibacterial and antipyretic properties and is a source of vitamin C. It is also a medicine used in digestive problems - it soothes bloating and stomach pains and is slightly inhibiting.

    The taste of the infusion is slightly lemon, pleasant and easy to drink. It is advisable to brew the same leaves several times - up to 3 times.

    5g / 150ml
    96 degrees C
    5-8 min

  • Linden


    Liden flower contains flavonoids, organic acids and essential oil. It is a panaceum for weariness, making it easier to fall asleep. Induces perspiration, promotes expectoration, alleviates sore throat and cough, eases digestion.

  • Marigold - inflorescence...


    Calendula infusion:

    - it is often used as a natural aid to the digestive system and as a remedy for gastric and duodenal ulcers, as well as for gallbladder disease, because it has a choleretic effect (we drink 1 hour before a meal 3 times a day)
    - has astringent and antibacterial properties, therefore it is suitable for disinfecting and healing wounds, even bee stings and rashes

    - stimulates the production of collagen in the places of cuts, which is why it is great for reducing scars and helps to eliminate stretch marks

    - also helps during menopause, because it has calming properties, lowering high heart rate and blood pressure.

    1 tbsp / 250ml

    96 degrees C.

    15-20 minutes under cover

  • Nana Spearmint


    Fine ground Nana Spearmint with a delicate, mildly sweet taste. Has numerous medicinal uses: Eases digestion and cures throat irritation. Inhaling the infusion alleviates respiratory system disorders.

  • Orange flower petals


    The infusion of dried orange blossom petals has unique properties:

    - improves mood, reduces mental tension - is recommended for sleep problems
    - regulates metabolism, has a diastolic effect - recommended for abdominal pain, also PMS

    - anti-inflammatory and whitening - used externally in the form of compresses for pale and oily skin with acne

    - it is refreshing, moisturizing and gently tones - used in natural cosmetics to produce Neroli oil

    - it is also used as a natural aphrodisiac.

    1 tbsp / 250ml
    96 degrees C.

    10 min

  • Organism Strengthening Tea


    Ingredients: apple, rooibos, cinnamon, bean husks, ginger, mistletoe, St. John's wort, lemon grass, eryngo, cardamom, clove, black pepper, lemon peel, ginseng root.

    A blend with a very rich, refreshing taste and aroma, this mix of carefully selected roots and herbs strengthens the immune system, effectively helping to prevent common colds.

    5g / 150ml

    96 degrees
    5-7 min

  • Peppermint


    Peppermint infusion possesses numerous medicinal properties: alleviates indigestion and tympanites, has painkilling, relaxant and anti-inflammatory effects. Prevents bacterial development.

  • Pink cornflower petals


    Cornflower petals are valued in herbal medicine. The infusion is recommended:

    - in the case of diseases of the urinary system, kidney stones, thanks to its diuretic and antibacterial properties
    - in cardiovascular diseases thanks to anthocyanins preventing the fragility of blood vessels;
    it is also a frequent ingredient in cosmetics for couperose skin
    - in the case of conjunctivitis to wash the eyes and prepare compresses under the eyes, the infusion reduces swelling

    - against dandruff - an infusion rubbed into the scalp reduces its relapses

    - to fight mycosis in the form of a bath with the addition of cornflower infusion

    - to decorate dishes, enriching their taste

    1 tbsp / 250ml

    96 degrees C.

    5-7 min

  • Relaxation Time


    Ingredients: passiflora (passion flower, helps with anxiety, nervousness and insomnia), lemon balm leaves, lavender flowers, peppermint.

  • Rockrose


    Cistus contains a lot of polyphenols, and they are responsible for its beneficial powers:

    - Limits the spread of viruses in the body (causes agglutination of viral proteins)
    - Stimulates the body's immune mechanisms, thus strengthening the protection against flu and colds
    - Has strong anti-inflammatory properties
    - Helps to fight against, among others: cancer, Helicobacter pylori bacteria, atherosclerotic deposits in the veins

    You can add it to your favorite tea!

    teaspoon / 200ml
    96 degrees C.

    8-10 minutes

    1-2 brews

  • Rose petals


    Real dried rose petals (an addition for tea)

  • Slim Stomach (slimming tea)


    Ingredients: yerba mate, dog rose fruit, lemon verbena, licorice root, ginger, rose petals, chamomile flowers.

  • Spring Revival


    Ingredients: stinging nettle, Pu-Erh tea, Yerba Mate, green oat, marigold, chamomile.

    This tea blend invigorates and cleanses the organism, thanks to the attributes of its various elements. The mix of Pu-Erh and Yerba Mate teas improves metabolism and regulates digestion processes.