• Green Mate


    A very popular beverage in Latin America. Mate has a high caffeine content (6,5%), higher than coffee or other teas. Known as a slimming supplement, it strengthens the immune system and cleanses the blood from toxins. Also reduces stress and slows down aging.

  • Lemon Mate


    Ingredients: mate (min. 97.5%) aromatized with organic lemon grass (0.9%), lemon peel.

  • Mate IQ


    The invigorating properties of Mate have been enriched with guarana and ginkgo, which positively affects memory and concentration. A blend of guava with a refreshing touch of orange complements the taste. Great for drinking either cold or warm.

  • Mate Vigor


    Ingredients: mate (min. 61.9%), green Pu Erh, pineapple, ginseng, cola beans, Muira Puama (light aphrodisiac), lirosma ovata plant stem (CAREFUL! - it has the appearance of little white sticks), cornflower, aroma.

  • Spring Revival


    Ingredients: stinging nettle, Pu-Erh tea, Yerba Mate, green oat, marigold, chamomile.

    This tea blend invigorates and cleanses the organism, thanks to the attributes of its various elements. The mix of Pu-Erh and Yerba Mate teas improves metabolism and regulates digestion processes.