Peru SHB Organic

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Arabica Peru SHB is a coffee possessing a soft, well-balanced taste. It has a subtle, moderate sourness, and is characterized by a full, sweet aroma.





The highest amount of certified organic tea is cultivated in the regions of Chanchamayo and Cuzco. The abbreviation placed in the coffee's name means, that it is cultivated 1000 meters above sea level. This coffee grows on the shaded hillsides of Andes, and is harvested in a traditional way - manually - choosing only mature beans. Highest quality beans (SHB = Strictly Hard Beans), used interchangeably with SHG (Strictly High Grown), denote a coffee coming from plantations located at least 1500 meters above sea level. Coffee from such plantations is considered the best in the World, due to its taste and aroma being clean and free of any "additives" coming from environmental pollution or excessive amounts of pesticides (A coffee growing in higher locations is less susceptible to diseases such as coffee rust or insect attacks) - as such, SHG-type coffee is often an organic coffee at the same time.

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