Internet shop Herbaty Czas ( is run by: GAM Adam Grunduls, ul. Milenijna 23, 03-130 Warszawa, NIP (tax ID) : 5251595950 .

The physical shop is located in Warszawa, 3A Ludna street.


Orders are accepted through the internet network (by using an order form found on the website), through electronic mail under the e-mail address or telephonically under the numbers 727 713 422 lub 737 188 375.

The order form requires providing full address for product delivery purposes (first and last name, street name, apartment number, telephone number, e-mail address). may withdraw from carrying out the order in case when the customer provides false or incomplete contact or address data and attempts in contacting the customer taken by in order to correct or supplement the data would fail.

After placing an order, the customer receives a notification on the e-mail address given in the order form, stating that the order has been received by the Tea Store.

Acceptance of an order occurs:

¡ with payment on delivery orders, after receiving an e-mail from the Tea Store confirming the order

¡ with credit card payments through the system, after receiving confirmation of a successful transaction authorisation from the system;

¡ with transfer payments, after the transaction is booked on the bank account.

The order will be carried out only, if the product is available in stock. In a case when some of the products are out of stock, will contact the customer, who will then make their decision about carrying the order into effect (partial carrying into effect; delaying the order; cancelling the order).

The customer may cancel or make changes in their order until its shipment. In order to do so, the customer may contact through electronic mail, on the e-mail address, or telephonically, under the numbers 727 713 422 lub 737 188 375.


All prices are given in PLN (Polish Złoty) and include the VAT tax.

The price given under each product is binding at the moment of the order. reserves the right to change the prices of products sold in its Tea Store, modify its offers, implement and cancel discount and sale offers.

Following forms of payment for purchased products are possible:

  • payment on delivery - the amount due is received in cash by the mailman or a person giving out the product in our office, in the case of collection in person.

  • with credit card or bank transfer - the amount due is collected by firm

  • by credit card or bank transfer - the amount due is collected by the Dotpay company. Logo Dotpay_147x56.jpg
  • via PayPal
  • with a bank transfer directly to the account of Tea Store, account number: 77 1090 1043 0000 0001 4943 8732.

DotpayCredit cards

In case of payment on delivery orders sent through the agency of Poczta Polska, an additional fee of 6 PLN is added.

In each and every case of a shipment outside Poland, the terms and costs of shipment are settled between the customer and on an individual basis. Foreign shipments can be paid for only with a credit card or a bank transfer. does not carry out foreign orders paid on delivery.

In a case when the price of the order exceeds 1500 PLN, reserves the right to limit the method of payment by demanding either a full or partial pre-payment of the order.


The cost is given along with every order.

Delivery time is the time between confirmation of order placement and sending the products purchased in the Tea Store. Orders are carried out in up to 3 work days from confirmation of order placement.

The shipment receipt date is the period of carrying both the order and the delivery into effect. delivers ordered goods through the agency of Poczta Polska (pocztex 48h). While we package our goods very carefully, we cannot assume complete responsibility for their security during shipment. As such, if the shipment appears to be damaged, we request that you do not accept it or that you open it and check its contents in the presence of the mailman. In case you receive a damaged product from us, we will send you a new one (if available) or refund the costs.

Shipping costs within the territory of Poland are described in the following table:

Bank transfer / payment /

Payment on delivery

Poczta Polska (pocztex 48h)

15 zł

21 zł

Collection in person

0 zł

0 zł

Order exceeding 200 zł Poczta Polska

0 zł

6 zł

Orders exceeding 200 PLN are delivered on the cost of Tea Store (not applicable to payment on delivery orders).


In accordance with the Act of 30 May 2014, the consumer has the right of returning a product with no reason given in the period of 14 days from delivery. A return without providing a reason is possible only, when the returned product will be sent inside its original, undamaged packaging, will be complete and will not contain any signs of use.

Returned products should be sent on the address of the Tea Store: ul. Ludna 3A; 00-406 Warsaw. reserves the right to check the condition of the returned product in the presence of the mailman. In case when the product is damaged, the return shall not be accepted. Returned products should be sent together with a bank account number, on which will send a sum equal of the entirety of the purchased product's price in the period of 5 days.

When purchasing artistic ceramics, we request that you familiarize yourself with the following informations concerning the specifics and rules governing the use of such dishes:

  • Due to the products being handmade, individual copies might exhibit slight differences in shape, color and arrangement of the pattern. Slight imperfections of the glazed surface (unevenness, damp patches, swelling, etc.) may appear. They do not constitute a fault within the product and are not a basis for complaint. Ceramics artists believe (and we share that belief) that such quirks are one of the charms of handmade ceramics, making each and every item unique and one-of-a-kind.

  • Unglazed parts of the dish might absorbed water during cleaning, so after cleaning they should be dried carefully (left in an airy space), in order to prevent mold from developing on the surface.

  • Some glazes, especially white glazes applied with the kohiki method, may undergo a slight discoloration during use. To minimize such effect, the manufacturers recommend soaking the dish completely in warm water before first use, and leaving it in such state for a few hours. Afterwards the dish should be left to dry out completely. Any discoloration resulting from stains of coffee, tea or other dark liquids can usually be removed completely with a sponge soaked with dishwashing liquid, or disappear after washing the dish several times. The Japanese consider this aspect as yet another charm of ceramics. They believe that such an item, showing its signs of use, is telling its unique, one-of-a-kind story in this way.

  • Most of the products offered by us are not suitable for washing in a dishwasher, or for use in microwaves, unless informations of such possibilities are included inside the product's description.

Complains are to be sent by email to indicating buyer's name, order ID, address to be used for correspondence, date and specify what kind of fault occured.

The shop obliges itself to process the complaint within the 14 calendar days. if that becomes not possible - the shop will inform the client within that period about the expected complaint processing time.


Information found on the website of the Tea Store does not constitute an offer in the understanding of the Civil Code. The customer, through the agency of the website, places an offer of purchase of a specified product on the conditions found within its description. The conclusion of a sales contract occurs at the moment of a signed acknowledgement of receipt of the product on the shipment's shipping list.

The sales contract is concluded between the customer and Małgorzata Devos.

Recording, securing and making fundamental decisions regarding the concluded contract available to the customer occurs through printing and sending a proof of purchase (a fiscal receipt or VAT invoice) together with the shipment.

The sales contract is concluded in the Polish language, in accordance with the Polish law.

The Terms of Service specify the rules governing purchases in the Internet Tea Store Placing an order is equivalent to the acceptance of decisions contained within.

The acceptance of these Terms of Service is equivalent to the acceptance of processing of personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy found on the store website.