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    Bancha Shizuoka


    Japanese green tea made with leaves harvested in autumn in the Japanese Shizuoka prefecture. Light yellow infusion has a sweety, expressive taste with a delicate bitterness. It contains little theine and can be drunk even in the evening. Some people recommend brewing it with hot water.

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    Balhyocha 2019

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    Carefully selected for us by a Korean tea master, Ms Pak Seung-won. It is characterized by a delicate but significant, rich fruity and flowery taste. During the production the leaves are let to wilt naturally for at least 10 hours. When they become completely brown, they are dried and shaped. This is a unique Korean tea with highly oxidized leaves. It can be steeped at least four times using hot water.

    This year's Balhyo-cha was purchased directly during a visit to the Kim family, the makers of this tea.

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    Sejak Hadong 2019

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    Korean green tea carefully selected by the tea master Ms Pak. Sejak means tea from the second harvest. It grows wild on the slopes of Mt. Jiri in a national park and is picked and processed entirely by hand. The unique flavour and aroma are a result of slight roasting of the leaves. The taste is full of mild nutty flavour mixed with freshness and sweetness which fills the mouth right after the first sip of tea.

    This year's tea was purchased by our team directly from the producers, the Kim family in Korea when we visited them in May. We thus know this tea in incomparable in our part of the world.

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    Woojeon Hadong 2019

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    Korean green tea of the highest grade, from the first harvest, picked from tea bushes growing wildly in Jiri-san national park. Entirely hand picked and hand processed. Its taste is perfectly balanced with delicacy, sweetness, grassy and roasting notes which can be felt right from the first sip. Its uniqueness will appeal to all connoisseurs of best green tea, not only from Korea.
    Thanks to our friendship with the tea master, Ms Pak and the Kim family, who make this tea, we had a one of a kind opportunity to bring it back by ourselves from Korea this year. Due to the limited amount we offer it in packages containing 10g, which will allow the preparation of a few extraordinary tea meetings.

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    Darjeeling Giddapahar FF 2019


    Black Himalayan tea from the earliest spring harvest. The most delicate green leaves with silver buds give off an infusion with a sweet, fruity aftertaste with a touch of mature peaches and plums. On warm days, we recommend brewing in low temperature (60°C, 5 min.)