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    Darjeeling Earl Grey


    An interesting proposition for fans of Darjeeling teas as well as fans of Earl Grey black tea. A very nice combination which is not so easy to find. Distinct bergamot scent plays well with sweet muscatel tones of Darjeeling tea, without dominating them. Very good afternoon tea, perfect for desserts.

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    Japanese green tea, made from leaves treated with steam. The leaves, which veins have been removed are powdered and glued back using water and rice paste. They are then pressed and molded into green needles. The infusion is very fresh and green.
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    Korean teacup Songjin



    Handmade, glazed on the inside. The outside of the teacup is copvered with tree resin in dark brown colour, with visible traces of forming wiht a tool, making the texture very interesting and multi dimentional.

    Volume: 70 ml

    Korean teacup made by Master im Man-jae, who specializes in traditional korean Jeong-ho ceramics (known also under the Japanese name "Ido"). Covering the teacup with resin is a rare action resulting in increased durability. It also makes the teacup warmer and softer to the touch.

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    Celadon set - Korean tepot...


    Korean tea set for five people. Contains a teapot, sugu bowl, five cups and a vase. This set is made of celadon, a kind of Korean ceramics dating back to 11th century, with its peak in 12th and 13th centuries. Greenish pieces are decorated with a flying cranes motif made using inlaid technique, in white and black. This set was made by hand, fired in a traditional woodfired kiln by a pottery master from Gangjin, a Korean town famous for celadon ceramics.

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    Flowers of Korea


    Korean green tea Joongjak with plum blossoms called Mehwa, which we brought back from Korea. This Korean composition and its gentle aroma takes us back to the spring days on the Korean Peninsula, where the plum trees blossom, filling the whole area and announcing the coming harvest, both for the fruit as well as tea.

    Perfect, refreshing and flowery tea for hot afternoons.

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    Deom-bong Teacup



    Handmade, entirely glazed. The basic material is dark, the glazing is milk-white, covering the teacup entirely, but distributed unevelny, thus the darker clay is visibile to different extent throughout the surface of the vessel.

    Volume: 50ml

    Author: Song Gi-jin (Boseong-yo), signed

    Korean teacup in buncheong style, which was developed in Korea during Lee Joseon dynasty (14th-19th cen.), glazed with deom-bong technique, which means that the vessel was submerged in thick glazing material, fired in a traditional woodfire kiln.

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    Bancha Shizuoka


    Japanese green tea made with leaves harvested in autumn in the Japanese Shizuoka prefecture. Light yellow infusion has a sweety, expressive taste with a delicate bitterness. It contains little theine and can be drunk even in the evening. Some people recommend brewing it with hot water.