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    Metal heater


    Black heater with a designated place for a tealight candle.

    Perfect for those who want to keep the temperature of tea prepared is a bigger teapot. Light structure is a good match with other elements of a teaset.

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    Light-green Japanese cup



    Handmade, covered in a thick layer of glaze of uneven colour, changing from green and blue-green at the rim, with black fragments, to light-green at the bottom. The bottom of the cup is unglazed, showing the sand-brown colour of the clay.

    Volume: ca. 100ml

    Handmade cup has visible traces of the authors moves. The volume is quite standard for a japanese green tea cup. The light-green colour of the glazing suits the tea very well.

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    Small English Mug



    The sides of the mug are decorated with a rich flowery motiff, a few variations are available. The inside is glazed, white. The rim is slightly bended outwards.

    Volume: 200ml

    This mug has a slightly smaller volume than standard ones, making it a perfect option for all the occasions when a typical mug would seem too big. The rich flowery motiff will decorate every tea or coffee meeting.

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    Mug A Bobbin of Robins



    Fine bone china, light-green outer surface decorated with images of robins. The inside and the handle are white.

    Volume: 360ml

    Elegant English mug, of a rather big volume, decorated with a merry yet discreet bird pattern. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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    Teapot and heater Bolesławiec



    Glazed, ecru colour, decorated with rich, colourful floral pattern and cobalt-blue linear pattern. The lower part of the set - the heater - is equipped with a removable ceramic tealigh holder.

    Volume of the teapot: ca. 700ml

    Ceramic tea set from Boleslawiec will be perfect for all those who favour this kind of pottery. The capacious teapot will allow the preparation of a big amount of tea, while the heater will ensure the tea remains warm. Rich decoration makes it a perfect choice for the tea table or a well chosen present.

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    Pu Erh storage box



    Natural, light, made from unpainted and unlaquered wood.

    Dimensions: approx. 21x8x7cm

    A wooden box for storing your Pu Erh tea and other teas or items. The compartments allow the storage of even three different kinds of tea. Natural material creates suitable environmnt for storing tea.

    Storing Pu Erh tea for longer time in appropriate counditions results in its taste maturing with every single year. Our box is also a good option for all those who seek a way to store other kinds of tea as well as small accessories.

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    Black Pu Erh Beengcha


    Pu Erh tea from the Chinese Yunnan province, with leaves compressed into the shape of a disc. Brewing portions are made by breaking the disc. It has a deep, earthy, but mild taste. The colour of the infusion is very dark, almost black. Pu Erh tea supports the digestive system and is recommended to drink after big or fat meals.

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    Bolesławiec Mug



    Entirely glazed, barrel shaped, decorated with a traditional pattern of white dots on a deep-blue background. The inside of the mug is cream-white.

    Volume: ca. 500ml

    This traditional Bolesławiec pottery mug can make a perfect gift or become the favourite mug for a big serving of tea.

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    Porcelain tea spoon



    White colour, the inside of the head is decorated with the Japanese wave pattern i blue colour. At the other side of the handle there is a little hole.

    Length: ca. 14cm

    Porcelain tea spoon will be perfect for measuring the amount of tea leaves, but it may be also used in a variety of other ways. It is elegant, thanks to the traditional Japanese decoration it will suit other Asian tea ceramics.

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    Black chawan



    Glazed, black colour. The glazing around the rim has a form of ligt-cream uneven leaks, both on the inside and the outside of the vessel. The rim and the sides of the chawan are uneven.

    An elegant handmade chawan, the uneven sides and rim allows to trace the movements of the potter's hands. The ligh coloured glaze leaks are an interesting and unique form of decoration.

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    Japanese teapot Tajimi



    Round, glazed, with a bamboo handle on top. The glazing is inspired by the traditional pottery from Tajimi in Japan, its colour is uneven, changes from grey-blue at the lid, to grey-brown at the bottom of the teapot.

    Volume: 600ml

    The size of the teapot enables a serving for a small group. Detachable metal strainer enables taking away the leaves at the proper time and makes the cleanig much easier. The style of the teapot makes it a good choice for wabi-sabi esthetics enthusiasts. It is microwave safe (without the metal strainer) and dishwasher safe, provided the bamboo handle is detached first.

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    Little square plate



    Entirely glazed, decorated with a light-grey floral motiff with a blue background, which imitates fabric. Square, dimentions 9x9 cm.

    Such a little plate will be a very good complement for the tea set. It can be used to serve the guests some treat, or to put away the strainer with used leaves; the list may go much longer.

    The elegant decoration matches both European and Asian style ceramics.

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    White ceramic infuser


    Ceramic infuser, glazed, white colour.

    Fits standard size mugs, enables convenient infusion of leaf tea, easy to clean.

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    Japanese Blue Tea cup



    Handmade, entirely glazed. The blue coloured glaze has many shades in form of glaze flows occuring during the firing. The shades change from ligh-turquoise at the rim to dark blue at the bottom of the cup.

    Volume: 100ml

    Ceramic teacup with volume quite typical for japanese green tea cups. The glaze starting to flow during the firing resulting in beautiful and decorative shades of the colour. The cup is dishwasher safe.

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    Pu Erh Dragon Pearls


    Pu Erh from the Chinese Yunnan province, with the leaves pressed into little balls. The slighlty earthy taste is very delicate, enriched with a significant taste of walnut and sweetness. the colour of the infusion, depending on the steeping parametres, may be from brown to dark-brown. One serving of the leaves (one ball) may be steeped multiple times. Our suggestion is one ball per teacup.

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    English Mug with Animals



    Entirely glazed, white, decorated with drawings of animals: rooster, fox, mole, hedgehog.

    Volume: 300ml

    Standard size mug allows the preparation of a bigger amount of tea. Decorated with drawings of animals can make a good and elegant gift. This mug is microwave and dishwasher safe.

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    Korean tea set



    The tea set consists of seven pieces: a side handled teapot, sugu vessel, five teacups. Each piece is entirely glazed, white, with visible dark particles, decoratd with a lotus flower motiff in cobalt blue.

    Traditional Korean tea sets consist of five or seven pieces and are meant for, respectively, three or five persons. The sugu vessel, an essential part of the set, is used to cool down the water for tea and to pour the steeped tea into it before distributing it to the guests' teacups.

    Light, delicately decorated and very elegant tea set allows to prepare tea in the spirit of the korean ceremony, but may also be used for making all kinds of tea.

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    Teacup with Roses



    Glazed, white colour. The outer surface of the teacup, as weel as the saucer, decorated with rose flowers and leaves motiff in pink and grey colour.

    Volume: ca. 130 ml

    Floral decorations on tea and coffee sets have been used since centuries. Porcelain is one of the best material for making teacups, it adds elegance to every tea meeting and the floral decoration will suit defferent occasions.

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    Anxi Tie Guanyin (Shu Cha)


    Anxi Tie Guanyin Shu cha is produced for tea connoisseurs from the Chaoshan region, the craddle of modern gong fu cha. Exclusively imported for Herbaty Czas from Anxi, from the multigenerational farmers family Wang. This tea is mostly used at national institutions as a high quality gift for the people of special merit.

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    Korean green tea carefully selected by the tea master Ms Pak. Sejak means tea from the second harvest. It is picked and processed entirely by hand. The unique flavour and aroma are a result of slight roasting of the leaves. The taste is full of mild nutty flavour mixed with freshness and sweetness which fills the mouth right after the first sip of tea.

  • Balhyo-cha

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    Carefully selected for us by a Korean tea master, Ms Pak Seung-won. It is characterized by a delicate but significant, rich fruity and flowery taste. During the production the leaves are let to wilt naturally for at least 10 hours. When they become completely brown, they are dried and shaped. This is a unique Korean tea with highly oxidized leaves. It can be steeped at least four times using hot water.