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    Teacup with Roses



    Glazed, white colour. The outer surface of the teacup, as weel as the saucer, decorated with rose flowers and leaves motiff in pink and grey colour.

    Volume: ca. 130 ml

    Floral decorations on tea and coffee sets have been used since centuries. Porcelain is one of the best material for making teacups, it adds elegance to every tea meeting and the floral decoration will suit defferent occasions.

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    Korean green tea carefully selected by the tea master Ms Pak. Sejak means tea from the second harvest. It is picked and processed entirely by hand. The unique flavour and aroma are a result of slight roasting of the leaves. The taste is full of mild nutty flavour mixed with freshness and sweetness which fills the mouth right after the first sip of tea.

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    Carefully selected for us by a Korean tea master, Ms Pak Seung-won. It is characterized by a delicate but significant, rich fruity and flowery taste. During the production the leaves are let to wilt naturally for at least 10 hours. When they become completely brown, they are dried and shaped. This is a unique Korean tea with highly oxidized leaves. It can be steeped at least four times using hot water.

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    Sheng Pu Erh Tuo Cha


    Dark Pu Erh tea in its most traditional form - Sheng, which means naturally maturing tea, with leaves compresed into a shape of a nest. Its taste changes with time, such teas are meant to be stored for years to enjoy the changing qualities - from the freshness similar to green tea, until a deep, sweet taste after years of storing. Due to natural fermentation of the leaves this tea is believed to have a benefitial effect on the body.

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    Black Pu Erh Tuo Cha


    Pu Erh tea from the Chinese Yunnan province, with leaves compressed into a shape of a nest. Brewing portions are made by breaking the nest. It has a deep, earthy, but mild taste. The colour of the infusion is very dark, almost black. Pu Erh tea supports the digestive system and is recommended to drink after big or fat meals.

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    Czajnik porcelanowy



    Entirely glazed, available in three colours: blue, red and grey.

    Volume: 500 ml

    The porcelain teapot, classical in its form, thanks to its colour will also be a good choice for enthusiasts of modern design. The big lid helps put tea leaves and clean the teapot easily. The perfectly shaped spout will enable a clean and elegant pouring of tea to the teapots.

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    Small porcelain gaiwan



    Glazed entirely, white colour.

    Volume: ca. 100ml

    Porcelain gaiwan is a useful, easy vessel for preparing tea. Its shape makes adding leaves, pouring water and cleaning very easy. It does not absorb any scents thus is a very versatile vessel. When brewing teas one does not know, it is enough to lift the lid to control the process. Porcelain gaiwan can be washed with washing-up agents.

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    Bottle filter


    Plastic filter which can be used with standard PET 1,5 liter bottles. Very useful while preparing green tea with the cold brew method. The fine mesh allows the pouring of tea while keeping the leaves inside the bottle.

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    Oolong Roasted Tie Guan Yin


    Classic Ti Kuan Yin oolong - The Iron Goddess of Mercy - from the Chinese province of Fujian. The leaves have been roasted in bamboo baskets giving it a distinct taste resembling cocoa with a delicate hint of the basic flowery fragrance of oolong tea.

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    Nepal Jun Chiyabari tasting...


    A tasting set of both Nepal Jun Chiyabari black teas available at our shop. The set contains 15g of each tea:

    - Jun Chiyabari Himalayan Spring

    - Jun Chiyabari Himalayan Black

    An ideal way to know the unique taste of Nepalese tea and compare the two kinds.