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    Metal infuser with a chain


    A fine metal strainer with a chain for tea and herbs infusions, packed in a delicate colored cardboard box.

    Sizes: diameter 4.5cm, height 4cm

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    Glass teapot with infuser


    A small glass teapot with a metal infuser and a lid. easy to use.

    The infuser has a handle and it can be easily removed from the teapot after the leaves are brewed. Perfect for making green tea.

    Capacity: 600ml

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    Keemun Mao Feng 2020


    Keemun Mao Feng is one of the best Keemun tea sorts on the market. It is harvested in early spring and consists of a bud and two or three upper leaves sorted by hand.

    This tea is named after the area of Qimen in Anhui Province, a highly respected tea producing region in China. "Keemun" is the translation of Chinese Qimen into English invented during the colonial era. At that time Keemun also became the base ingredient of the English Breakfast blend.

    A properly brewed tea infusion has a clear, bright red color and has a unique slightly floral and slightly smoky, but very mild and smooth flavor with subtle fruity notes. Keemun tea can be brewed several times to bring out the full flavor of the leaves.

    5g / 150ml
    96 degrees C.
    2-3 minutes

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    Clitoria Ternatea


    Have you ever seen or tried blue desserts in Asian cuisine?

    Clitoria Ternatea has been used for centuries in Asia as a coloring agent for food and cosmetics. It is also a medicine of Ayurvedic medicine. The infusion of Clitoria supports the nervous system, improves mood, fights against depression, improves memory and improves brain functions. The antibacterial, antipyretic, and analgesic effect of the Clitoria are also scientifically proven. It even inhibits hair graying and improves the functioning of the eyes.

    The infusion of Clitoria flowers has a blue tint, alkaline and herbal-sweet taste. After adding lemon juice, the infusion changes the taste and color to purple or even pink.

    5 flowers / 250ml
    96 degrees C.
    5-10 minutes

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    New Georgia

    Georgian black tea harvested from ecologically clean plantations in the mountains of western Georgia. Day and night temperature changes and the combination of mountain and sea climate give the tea leaves a special aroma and taste. The resulting medium-strength infusion is slightly malty with fruity notes.

    Tea was smuggled from China for the first time and was grown in Georgia since 1830s. Black Georgian tea produced on a massive scale was well known in the Soviet Union, but since its collapse, tea cultivation has fallen sharply. Recently, however, tea production is experiencing a renaissance also thanks to government and EU subsidies. Hand-picked tea from Georgia is gaining global recognition again.

    3g / 150ml
    95 degrees C.
    3-5 min
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    Lu Bao Shi 2020


    This year's fresh green tea from the mountainous Chinese province of Guizhou with the perfect humid subtropical climate for tea production.

    Small spring tea leaves collected by hand are rolled into small balls so-called Chinese emeralds. During brewing, the leaves slowly develop, increase their volume, delight with their perfect shape and delicate greenery.

    This tea gives a bright yellow-green brew with a fresh, soft sweetness with a floral note.

    3g / 150ml.
    80 degrees C.
    1-2 min (3 brews)