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    Qing Xin Oolong


    It is a light high-mountain Gao Shan oolong harvested by hand in organic tea gardens in northern Fujian. Its name Qing Xin comes from the tea cultivar it was made from.

    It is a medium oxidized oolong. It has large dark curled leaves and a nice caramel smell. After brewing, it gives a light, golden yellow infusion and a floral aroma combined with a delicate hint of fruits and the sweetness of roasting.

    3g / 150ml
    90 degrees C.
    1-2 min

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    Metal infuser with a chain


    A fine metal strainer with a chain for tea and herbs infusions, packed in a delicate colored cardboard box.

    Sizes: diameter 4.5cm, height 4cm

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    Glass teapot with infuser


    A small glass teapot with a metal infuser and a lid. easy to use.

    The infuser has a handle and it can be easily removed from the teapot after the leaves are brewed. Perfect for making green tea.

    Capacity: 600ml