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    Lu Bao Shi 2020


    This year's fresh green tea from the mountainous Chinese province of Guizhou with the perfect humid subtropical climate for tea production.

    Small spring tea leaves collected by hand are rolled into small balls so-called Chinese emeralds. During brewing, the leaves slowly develop, increase their volume, delight with their perfect shape and delicate greenery.

    This tea gives a bright yellow-green brew with a fresh, soft sweetness with a floral note.

    3g / 150ml.
    80 degrees C.
    1-2 min (3 brews)

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    Soczyste Mango


    A mix of tropical fruits (without hibiscus) with a sweet, pleasant taste and aroma. After brewing the mix of fruits can be consumed and the intense yellow infusion brings to mind a sunny summer.

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    Mate Gaucho


    A very popular beverage in Latin America. Mate has a high caffeine content (6,5%), higher than coffee or other teas. Known as a slimming supplement, it strengthens the immune system and cleanses the blood from toxins. Also reduces stress and slows down aging.

    Includes: Yerba mate (min. 95.3%), aroma, sunflower and thistle flowers. Green Yerba mate with a pleasant taste with sweet notes of cherimoyi (tropical fruit).

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    Cui Ming Premium Yunnan 2020


    This year's unique green tea from the second March harvest in the Ying Pan Mountains in Yunnan Province. Beautiful green leaves with a large portion of silvery buds with a wonderful fresh aroma giving a unique yellow-green brew with a floral-sweet taste and delicate bitterness. Unusual tea overflowing with spring joy and energy - a tea rarity!