Shincha Sugimoto

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The youngest emerald leaves of highest quality and first harvest, in the shape of tiny needles, harvested in the family tea garden of the Sugimoto Family. After brewing they give off an infusion of a charming Spring-green color, an intensive fragrance and and a bewitching taste of umami.

1 teaspoon / 150ml
70st C

.5-1 min
3 brews

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The tea garden is run in a family way, with utmost care for the quality of soil, tea trees and the tea produced from them. The entirety of the small production of tea is distributed to regular customers in Japan. We are honored to be an exception, receiving teas from the Sugimoto family for the fourth year in a row now. We can say that we enjoy their trust and maintain friendly relations with them. By delivering their teas onto the Polish market, we also bring their best wishes of health and happiness.

The original package contains 100g of tea.

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