Nepal Jun Chiyabari Himalayan Spring

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Tea from the leading Nepalese Jun Chiyabari garden, located 1650-2200 meters above sea level. A unique tea, it is an absolute best among all Nepalese teas that we could offer in our store. Its leaves are characterized by a slightly lower oxidization level than most black teas, which makes the infusion brighter, and its taste more delicate and flowery. It also has a distinct sweetness with muscatel tones. The tea wins its enthusiasts from the first tasting, with its one-of-a-kind flavor.





The treatment of a black tea always has four basic phases: withering, fermentation (oxidation), curling and drying (roasting)

The infusion may sometimes have an intensive dark color, but more often it is a lively red one. The tea may be sold in several forms: Leaf Tea (best quality), Broken Tea, Powdered Tea or Dust Tea.


  • soothes the soul and clears the mind (includes Caffeine, known as Theine);
  • Theine strengthens the activity of digestive juices;
  • scientists believe that the ingredients of black tea may act as antioxidants, preventing the creation of cancerous substances within body cells.

Nepal Jun Chiyabari Himalayan Spring

Herbata delikatna, ale ma swój niecodzienny czar. Jak napisał już Łukasz, w smaku ma bardzo dużo. Warto eksperymentować z czasem, ilością suszu, ponieważ może nas bardzo zaskoczyć!


świeża i delikatna

Ta herbata trafiła do Polski ubiegłego roku, a nadal zaskakuje świeżością i słodkawym smakiem. Bardzo delikatna, napar może wydawać się słaby sądząc po kolorze, ale smaku ma bardzo dużo.

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