Anxi Tie Guanyin (Shu Cha)

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Anxi Tie Guanyin Shu cha is produced for tea connoisseurs from the Chaoshan region, the craddle of modern gong fu cha. Exclusively imported for Herbaty Czas from Anxi, from the multigenerational farmers family Wang. This tea is mostly used at national institutions as a high quality gift for the people of special merit.





The production process, included in the full name of this tea, is very interesting: çčś ShĂş chĂĄ, which should not be confused with Shu Pu Erh. Anxi Tie Guanyin Shu cha means a slightly roasted kind of tea, with a nice, classical taste and aroma of Tie Guanyin.

As it is a connoisseur orientated tea, for those familiar with the art of preparing Tie Guanyin and other oolongs, we recommend using the gong fu method - using hot water, small teapot with a big amount of leaves, steeping for a few seconds. The result is ten or more steepings, all of which give us delicate, bitterless tea.

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