Korean set Celadon - teapot with five cups, sugu, bowl and lid holder

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Author: Kim Kyung-jin

Teapot: volume ca. 250ml

Sugu: diameter 18cm

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A Korean set for five people, made of celadon, which dates back in Korea to the 11th century, and which reached its apogee in the 12th and 13th centuries. Hand-made, burned in a traditional wood-fired kiln, in the workshop of a master ceramist creating in Gangjin, famous in Korea for celadon.

A teapot with a lid, a bowl, a sugu bowl with a spout for cooling water and serving tea, and five cups decorated only with a soft line of shapes and a delicate gradient of color: from exceptionally beautiful colours evoking the colours of the sea on the horizon in bright daylight, to cream brushes emphasizing the grace of form. The subtle play of classic shades and the feeling of softness and transparency surprise us when we hold them in our hands. To complement the charms, a small smile in the form of a camellia flower bud, as a handle of the teapot lid, which crowns the work.

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