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    BIO Japan Sencha Makinohara'18

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    Highest quality Japanese sencha from a limited 2018 Spring harvest, with an expressive taste and a sweet touch of umami. Prepared in a tiny garden in Makinohara by the Sugimoto family. Steamed in Tokyo way. Original packaging contains 100g of tea.

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    Japan Genmaicha

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    A Japanese green tea with the addition of roasted rice. Recommended for an evening drink, since it contains little theine. Can be served alongside light meals.

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    Korean green tea carefully selected by the tea master Ms Pak. Sejak means tea from the second harvest. It is picked and processed entirely by hand. The unique flavour and aroma are a result of slight roasting of the leaves. The taste is full of mild nutty flavour mixed with freshness and sweetness which fills the mouth right after the first sip of tea.

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    Shan Tuyet

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    A Vietnamese green tea made from leaves of the tree variety of tea bush. Coming from Ha Giang Province in northern Vietnam, it has been manufactured by the Hmong ethnic minority for generations.

    Characterized by a fresh, light and refreshing taste, without bitterness. Great for hot days.