Organism Strengthening Tea

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Ingredients: apple, rooibos, cinnamon, bean husks, ginger, mistletoe, St. John's wort, lemon grass, eryngo, cardamom, clove, black pepper, lemon peel, ginseng root.

A blend with a very rich, refreshing taste and aroma, this mix of carefully selected roots and herbs strengthens the immune system, effectively helping to prevent common colds.






This tea is made from the Southern African Red Bush (Aspalathus linearis), harvested in the South African Republic (Cedarberg Mountains) It is also known as Redbush Tea, Rotbush or Rooibosch.
The Rooibos bush can be anywhere from 1 to 1.5 meters tall, its leaves are similar in appearance to Pine needles. It blossoms yellow in October. The leaves are collected from Summer to early Fall. Afterwards they are mechanically sliced into 4 millimeter long pieces, and then smashed. Finally they are moisturized with clean water and poured into heaps from 15 to 20cm high. They are left in this state anywhere from 8 to 24 hours in order to ferment. During the fermentation process, the normally green Rooibos leaves turn reddish-brown and develop a fruity flavor.
The leaves are then dried in the sun until their moisture reaches approximately ten percent. Afterwards, they are sifted and pasteurized with hot steam. Finally, the product is weighed and packaged into bags.
Rooibos is being sold since 1904, and became popular in 1930, when dr. P. Le Fras Nortier discovered some of its health benefits. It has low theine contents, and contains no caffeine. It is a refreshing drink in the morning, an invigorating one during the day, and a relaxing one in the evening. It quenches thirst well both during warm and cold days.
The Rooibos needles give off a faint red infusion with a characteristic taste.
  • contains enzymes reacting with free radicals (antioxidants) which slows down aging of the organism,
  • has a calming effect, helps with depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and headaches,
  • contains many vitamins and minerals, recommended for children,
  • helps with alergies (hay fever, asthma),
  • has antibacterial and antiviral properties,
  • makes the blood vessels more elastic, helps with migraines,
  • contains Iron, Potassium and Calcium, which help with digestive problems,
  • supplies the organism with Calcium, Manganese, and - especially - Fluoride, which is necessary for growth and development of teeth and bones. It also contains Zinc and Magnesium - necessary for the correct functioning of nervous system,
  • Compress made from the infusion can be used to treat weary, swollen or black-ringed eyes, as well as irritated skin (through mechanical, allergical, viral or bacterial means), also helps with acne,
  • Evens out sugar levels within blood - alleviates diabetes,
  • Lowers the Low-Density Cholesterol levels.

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