Lao Ming Dong Ding Oolong T58

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Medium-roasted Dong Ding Oolong made by Master Lao Ming. The "T58" mark has been added by the author himself. A unique tea, manufactured in strictly limited amounts and available only to customers personally approved by its creator. A silky and creamy infusion with a distinct touch of roasted leaves, devoid of any signs of foreign taste or pollution, it allows us to enjoy the warm sweetness and warming taste of bread crust, flowery notes and a very delicate milky aftertaste. Very high quality of this tea makes it easy to focus all attention on its taste while drinking, and forget the world all around oneself. Each and every brewing (the tea can be brewed numerous times) allows us to immerse in this tea so much, that it might as well be labeled as a "meditative tea".





Master Lao Ming of Taiwan has worked with oolong teas for years, using his own special method. He has developed an affection for tea in his family home, where tea drinking was an everyday ritual. Researching its taste and properties, he has studied the best leaf treatment and manufacture methods in order to obtain the most pleasing results. Each year he personally selects highest quality leaves from Taiwanese harvests.

Even though he devoted his life to exploring the taste of Dong Ding tea, Lao Ming is neither a farmer nor a tea ceremony master. The closest association is that of an artist, whose creative curiosity is reflected in his unrivaled tea creations.

Master Lao Ming's oolong teas are an unequaled experience of taste, transporting the tea ceremony's participants into a state of calmness and contemplation. They are available only for a select few - people susceptible to taste, for whom drinking of his tea is a whole sensation. The tastes of his teas may be received differently by various individuals. The Master himself advises to either drink them alone, discovering the tea's secrets in silence, or in a small circle, of three people at most, sharing the impressions among themselves.

Master Lao Ming's Dong Ding Oolong is a strictly limited product, available only to those few he has chosen personally. They are intended neither for sale nor for export. We are honored to be one of those chosen few, and - with the Master's approval - make those teas available in as large scale as we are able to, considering how the quantity is limited by the author's capabilities.

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