Qing Xin Oolong

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It is a light high-mountain Gao Shan oolong harvested by hand in organic tea gardens in northern Fujian. Its name Qing Xin comes from the tea cultivar it was made from.

It is a medium oxidized oolong. It has large dark curled leaves and a nice caramel smell. After brewing, it gives a light, golden yellow infusion and a floral aroma combined with a delicate hint of fruits and the sweetness of roasting.

3g / 150ml
90 degrees C.
1-2 min





Gao Shan Qing Xin Oolong is a unique sort of tea. The harvest of this and other Gao Shan rock teas is small due to hard work conditions on steep slopes of high mountains plantations and also due to slower growth of plants in thin air at high altitudes. In addition, plucking the tops of the stem with 3 to 4 leaves results in less harvest per bush. These are teas harvested only twice a year: in spring and winter. This oolong is from the April 2020 harvest.

We suggest brewing this unique oolong at 90 ° C for 1-2 minutes at your discretion. Like all premium high-altitude oolongs, it can be brewed up to 5 or more times, depending on brewing time, water temperature, and personal taste.

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