Yin Zhen "Silver Needle"

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One of the most highly appreciated white teas. It consists exclusively of undeveloped buds, covered in fluffy hairs. Harvested manually, and highly appreciated for its marvelous and excellent sweet taste.

3g / 150ml
90st C

2-3 min

1-2 brews





This tea, consisting of silver needles (Bai Hao Yin Zen), is regarded as the highest class white tea from Fujian Province, China. Harvested at the turn of April and May.


A kind of tea produced on a small scale, mainly in China. White tea harvest occurs in early Spring, when the plant wakes from hibernation period. During manufacture, the tea only undergoes the withering and drying processes. White tea refers to still undeveloped leaves and buds of a tea bush (so-called silver tips) Young leaves contain three times as much healthy polyphenols than older ones.


  • warming and invigorating
  • antioxidant effect, slows down aging
  • antimutagenic (prevents the forming of cancerous growths in cells)
  • contains polyphenols, which protect the organism against free radicals (harmful substances causing changes in the cell DNA)

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