Rwanda BIO Silver Needles

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The most delicate buds from the tops of the branches of the tea bush, dried in the air, give in the infusion a wealth of natural, delicate aromas of meadows and forests. A unique, humanitarian tea, produced in cooperation with the Africa Healing Exchange, which helps victims survived the genocidal struggles and sharing knowledge to strengthen the local economic position of Rwanda.

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Small-scale tea mainly in China. White tea is harvested in early spring when the plant wakes up from hibernation. During production, it undergoes only the wilting and drying process. White tea is still undeveloped leaves and buds of the tea bush (the so-called silver tips). Young leaves contain 3x more healthy polyphenols than older leaves.


  • refreshing and stimulating
  • antioxidant effect, i.e. delaying the effects of aging due to the presence of antioxidants,
  • anti-mutagen (prevents the formation of cancerous changes in cells),
  • contains polyphenols that protect the body against free radicals (harmful substances that cause changes in the cell's DNA).

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